Swimming Classes

European sports club in Sharjah is a competitive swimming club with a team of experienced professional coaches. We provide programs for swimmers at every age and stage of progress, ranging from children to grown-ups. Having individual sessions for both men and women.
The European sports club aims to offer a safe and supportive environment where every swimmer has the opportunity and motivation to reach their full potential in competitive swimming.
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Expert Coaching for Every Level

Benefit from experienced professional coaches who provide personalized guidance and support to swimmers of all ages and abilities, ensuring every individual reaches their full potential in competitive swimming.
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Safe Environment

Enjoy a secure and encouraging atmosphere at European Sports Club, where swimmers are motivated to excel and achieve their goals in a nurturing environment conducive to success.
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Life-Saving Skills

Recognizing the importance of swimming as a vital life skill, our programs focus on teaching essential water safety techniques that can potentially save lives, instilling confidence and competence in swimmers of all ages.
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Packed with Facilities

Relax and unwind after your swim in our modern shower and relaxing area, designed to provide a refreshing post-workout experience.

Swimming Classes



Experienced Instructors

At European Sports Club, we hold the belief that swimming is a crucial life skill. Swimming is one of the few sports in childhood that can have the ability to rescue your child’s life. Swimming provides a sense of joy and opportunities for endless excitement.

Engaging in swimming can contribute to the development of a fit and well-balanced way of living.
Our experienced instructors are prepared to guide you from novice to pro, whether you are starting out or advancing to more advanced swim techniques. European sports club includes a dedicated group of skilled swimming instructors.

level of difficulty in learning how to swim?

It’s a piece of cake. Our coaches, highly skilled and trained professionals, can effectively teach individuals of all ages, including children and adults.

Acquire the skill of swimming and become skilled in 1-hour lessons given 3 times a week. The water temperature is regulated with heaters, and both male and female instructors are available. Personal training sessions are also an option.

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