European Sports Club is not just a destination for elite athletes striving for excellence. European sports club has caught the interest of the local community due to its unique training techniques and use of technology in its fitness routines.Using a range of fitness offerings and the motivation from our coaches, combined with your dedication, you can reach your desired goals.


We are not a corporation. We aim to equip you with the necessary tools in a bright, inviting environment that you can proudly refer to as your GYM to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will choose to stay because we genuinely care!


We founded our sports club in 2016. We discovered that having high-quality gear, a supportive Coach offering continual motivation, and a convenient facility with easy access to amenities are all important for staying in good physical condition. Since then, it has continued to be the primary objective for European sports clubs and we have continually achieved it. We are considered one of the top sports clubs in Sharjah with numerous satisfied customers.


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