Kids Camps

Our kids Summer, Winter and spring Camp offers a fun and enriching experience with a variety of activities including yoga, dance, art and craft, kickboxing, and swimming. Designed to boost physical fitness, creativity, and mindfulness, our camp helps children explore their potential in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Join us for a summer of adventure and growth!
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Yoga is more than just a fun activity for children; it is a complete program that aims to improve concentration and boost mental and emotional capabilities in school and social settings.
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Art and craft

Our Art classes provide children with the chance to concentrate on a specific area of art like painting, drawing, arts and crafts, food arts, design, and history.
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We combine various styles of dance such as Hip Hop, Bollywood, Indian, and contemporary dance to form a visually appealing dance fusion.

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Recognizing the importance of swimming as a vital life skill, our programs focus on teaching essential water safety techniques that can potentially save lives, instilling confidence and competence in swimmers of all ages.
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Expert guidance

Relax and unwind after your swim in our modern shower and relaxing area, designed to provide a refreshing post-workout experience.

Benefits of


How does yoga help kids?

Children are faced with numerous distractions, temptations, excessive stimulation, and peer pressure. Schools are facing the challenge of achieving more with limited resources and finding innovative ways to connect with even the most alienated student. Yoga is an affordable and beneficial practice that can make a positive difference in children’s lives.

What do we provide?

European Sports Club yoga provides genuine yoga and mindfulness classes and activities for kids in Sharjah.
In every one of our classes, our team establishes a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere where every child is valued and motivated to explore their potential and creativity through special yoga activities.

We provide the children in our class and course with easy-to-use yoga and mindfulness techniques to help them manage daily worries and improve their overall health and well-being.
By practicing mindfulness, yoga, physical activity, and play, children can forge a stronger bond with their inner selves and form a close connection with the environment, revealing the innate brilliance that all children possess.

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