Kyokushin at European Sports Club offers a comprehensive martial arts experience, empowering practitioners with a strong foundation for combat. Our personalized training motivates individuals to surpass their limits, achieve peak physical and mental fitness, and thrive. With group sessions available three times a week and modern facilities including ample training areas and contemporary amenities, we're dedicated to supporting your journey to success
Group Sessions
Modern Amenities
Spacious training areas

Uniting Passion with Kyokushin

The training is designed with the intention of motivating each student individually to thrive.
reach their peak performance, conquer the limits they believe are restricting them and achieve peak physical and mental fitness.




Group sessions at European Sports Club offer a dynamic and motivating environment for practitioners of Kyokushin and other martial arts disciplines. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for members to come together, share their passion for martial arts, and collectively work towards their fitness and skill development goals.

Our group sessions last for 1 hour, occur 3 times a week.

personal sessions also available

Personal sessions at European Sports Club offer a tailored and focused approach to martial arts training, providing individuals with personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their specific goals. These one-on-one sessions are led by experienced instructors who work closely with each client to develop a customized training plan based on their abilities, preferences, and objectives.

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